St. John Instructors


Corey grew up dancing, completing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from Montclair State University.  Dancing was her entire life until her mid-20s, when she decided to pursue a graduate degree, losing track of her fitness routine due to school demands.  After she started a new career, she found barre.  Corey loved going to organized classes, finding that barre filled the void for her love of dance, taking classes for 2 years in Philadelphia.  Moving to St. John, Corey again lost track of her fitness, especially after the hurricanes.  She started taking yoga classes and hiking, but noticed that there wasn’t any kind of workout like barre on island.  She was certified with American Barre Technique to bring barre to St. John, inviting others to join her on the journey to fitness.  

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Corey suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain in her teens, but after one yoga class, the pain subsided and she was hooked! Through continued practice, she has realized she doesn’t have to live in pain, both physically and emotionally. Forrest Yoga, in particular, has allowed her to release stressful emotions and experience the divine spirit inside. She completed her teacher training with Ana Forrest, the founder of Forrest Yoga. The pillars of this style of yoga are Breath, Integrity, Strength and Spirit. “It teaches students how to go deeper, find their truths, and then take these gifts beyond the mat and into the rest of their lives.”


With a background in dance, gymnastics, sports and farming, Lindsey grew up with a strong awareness of her body in balance and motion.  She fell in love with the beautiful attributes of yoga that combine mind, body and spirit. She received her 200 hour Teacher Training from Kripalu in 2013, her Prenatal Teacher Training  Level 1 Pranakriya Yoga in 2015 and is currently working on her 100 hour Meditation Teacher Training and 500 Hour YTT. Lindsey believes yoga is best practiced with compassion and non judgement, both on, and especially off the mat. She encourages exploring inner prana by listening to the body, breath and mind and being present in the moment.  She loves the inquiry of fluid movement and the opportunity to strengthen the body and mind through asana and pranayama. Lindsey is based in Vermont with her daughter and travels to St John regularly to be with her island family and friends.


Rachael’s fitness journey has been one of ups and downs. While she has  been active all of her life, her 40th birthday was a wakeup call that her   fitness had fallen to the wayside. It was then that Rachael decided to change. She got involved in Crossfit,  which refueled her desire to have more energy, feel better, and lose some weight. Then Rachael moved to St. John. Trying to keep up her fitness regimen on an island with no gyms and limited classes was very difficult. After taking classes from a friend and seeing how she inspired others. Rachael had a new passion to help others like  find fitness on our tiny island.  Rachael continues to grow her cardio sculpt workout sequences and recently certified with Core De Force, a kickboxing inspired workout by Beachbody. Rachael can’t wait to share it her classes with the St. John community and its visitors.


Sherita is a healthy life style advocate and lover of the arts! Empowering women is one of her passions, building confidence through creative movement. Sherita believes we are all sacred, beautiful works of art and we are powerful! Sherita works as a traveling performer utilizing the Lyra hoop, fans, staff and poi. She is also a fire/glow dancer! 


Beginning her own practice in 1975, Suki has studied with many well known yoga teachers. She has taught classes here on St. John since 1997. Her favorite teacher is the breath. Staying
present and finding that connection to inner wisdom and peace of mind that comes from conscious breathing is what she wants to impart to her yoga students. Suki weaves Sound Healing and Chakra Balancing into her ongoing classes as well as honoring the Wheel of the Year, moon phases and Solstice and Equinox celebrations.


Thais Taylor is an inner peace, freedom, and wisdom seeker. She is a free spirit in love with nature, oceans, and wind. A mermaid at heart, native to the islands, she finds herself at home in the Caribbean. She has been practicing yoga for over a decade and teaching for the last four.

In 2009, Thais moved to the magical and beautiful island of St John, (US Virgin Islands) taking her personal practice to a new level. Completely emerging herself into the natural wonders of the island, it was this year when she first stepped on a paddle board. Combining a playful blend of challenging poses with deep relaxing stretches at the end of her paddles,she began to teach Stand Up Padddleboard Yoga and started her own business Solshine SUP yoga.

Thais teaches and practices a variety of multidimensional vinyasa flows, pranayama techniques, SUP yoga, and has fallen in love with Yin yoga. Her yoga philosophy is based on the belief that life is purely driven by our interconnections with nature and all of its wonders. While she does enjoy an active vinyasa flow practice, she has come to love practicing and guiding more therapeutic, healing practices such as Yin, and restorative yoga. She has found that most of us in the adventure industry live a very fiery, high energetic lifestyle, and including these self soothing and healing practices is vital not only for our bodies but mind alike.


Local to St. John for over 40 years, Viki Brown holds many titles; Yoga Instructor, Metaphysical Hypnotherapist, Shaman, and Fine Artist, All of which she has gained certificates for and has practiced with Masters through-out the US and Asia. She has led workshops for “Omega”, an internationally recognized leader in health and wellness. Maintaining balance is the key to a happy life, and Viki inspires you to re-center and feel your inner joy through vibrant healing workshops.